TMT bars: Features a Home Builder Should Know


As a homebuilder, you’d want to grow your credibility to garner more customers. But how? Well, using high-quality construction materials is the key to build a strong home. And as a result, you’ll have satisfied customers and a reputable portfolio.

TMT bar is one such material that provides extra strength to homes. When you use TMT bars for your projects, you assure reliability to your customers.

There is a myriad of features of TMT bars, and as a homebuilder, it’s beneficial to get to learn about them.

1) High Strength

High, and unmatched strength is the single most popular feature of TMT bars. TMT bars undergo a special manufacturing process; the bars, after leaving the rolling mills, are rapidly cooled by using specially-designed cooling jets.

The outer surface of the bars quickly cools to harden. Meanwhile, the inner core remains hot and soft. As a result, TMT bars are high in strength while having excellent bending property.

2) Excellent bending property

TMT bars have greater elasticity and therefore possess excellent bending and re-bending property. Due to the excellent bending property, TMT bars are suitable for use in any type of construction.

3) Good weldability

TMT bars are low in carbon equivalent content and therefore do not lose strength at welded joints. As a result, the overall concrete structure becomes stronger.

4) Excellent elongation

TMT bars have a matched ratio of strength and elongation. Due to this feature, TMT bars protect homes and other constructions from natural calamities such as earthquakes.

5) Corrosion resistance

TMT bars are resistant to corrosion. Due to this, the concrete structure benefits from a longer life. This feature also makes TMT bars cost-effective.

6) Fatigue resistance

TMT bars have a high fatigue resistance to dynamic loading. This feature contributes to overall concrete structure strength.

High-quality TMT bars from SRMB Steel

SMRB Steel is a leading TMT bar manufacturer. The brand is synonymous with reliable TMT bars in India.

TMT bars from SRMB Steel are available in different strength which is distinguished by different grades. The grades include:

  • Fe-415/500/550/600
  • Fe-415D/500D/550D
  • Fe-600

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Features that Make TMT Bars Ideal Construction Materials


TMT (Thermo-mechanically treated) bar is one of the most important modern innovations in the construction sector. With an array of benefits, TMT bars eliminate some of the key problems engineers face.

Here are the features that make TMT bars ideal construction materials:

1. Superior strength

Unlike conventional steel bars, TMT bars have a special manufacturing process. After the bars pass through the hot rolling mills, they undergo a quick and extensive cooling process.

This makes the outer layers of the bars to harden, giving them unparalleled strength. Meanwhile, the inner core remains hot and soft.

2. Superior bending property

TMT bars have excellent elasticity and therefore provide superior bending/re-bending option. This comes as a great help in meeting the design requirement of the construction.

3. Superior elongation

TMT bars have an excellent strength to elongation ratio. This property makes the construction safe from earthquakes. TMT bars are able to withstand shear force and prevent column failure during an earthquake.

4. Superior Weldability

Unlike conventional steel bars, TMT bars have a relatively low carbon or carbon-equivalent content. This makes up for convenience in different types of weld joints, while retaining optimum strength at the joints.

5. Fatigue resistance

TMT bars are resistant to fatigue caused by dynamic loading. This makes TMT bars the top choice in large-scale constructions.

6. Corrosion resistance

With a specific chemistry of raw material inputs, TMT bars are resistant to corrosion. This feature makes the bars to last longer and provide a longer life to the structure.

TMT bars from SRMB Steel are cost-effective – the no.1 choice in the marketplace

SRMB is one of the best TMT bar companies in India. TMT bars from the brand posses all the standard features and are therefore cost-effective. SRMB TMT bars are available in different grades (for strength differentiation).

The grades include:

Fe: 415/500/550/600
Fe: 415D/500D/550D
Fe: 600

When it comes to reliable TMT bars, SRMB Steel is a brand to reckon with. Learn more about the brand’s TMT bars at

You can even use SRMB’s rate chart to calculate the cost of TMT bars in your area. Access the rate chart here

6 TMT Bar Manufacturers in India you Must know of


Whether it’s a commercial building or a residential house, the strength of a building depends on the quality of TMT bars used. And when it comes to choosing TMT bars, go for the best brands in India.

If you are wondering which brands to go for, we can help you. Check this list of best TMT bar companies in India before buying TMT bars:

1. SRMB Steel

SRMB is one of the topmost TMT bars manufacturers in the country. The company is among the pioneers in introducing the Tempcore technology for manufacturing their TMT bars.

SRMB has been manufacturing quality TMT bars for decades,. Their products conform to the standards mentioned under IS: 1786:208 BIS Standard of India. This is equivalent to many international standards such as BS 444 Grade 460 of Great Britain, ASTM A615 Grade 60 of the USA, and BST 500 of DIN 488 of Germany.

2. Jindal Steel and Power

Jindal Steel and Power Ltd. is known for their innovative products. Their Panther TMT rebars are manufactured using the High Yield Quenching and Self Tempering or HYQST technology. Their modern mills have an advanced temperature control system for producing high-strength TMT rebars.

3. JSW Steel

JSW is a premium name amongst all TMT bar manufacturers in the country. TMT bars manufactured by JSW steel are made using virgin iron ore and that’s why they ensure unmatched levels of purity. Their TMT bars are super ductile and resistant to earthquakes and also, they conform to Indian as well as Australian, American, and British standards.

4. Tata Tiscon

When it comes to Steel and TMT bars manufacturing companies, TATA Tiscon is one of the leaders. Their ribbed TMT bars are highly regarded for unmatched strength and consistency. The manufacturing process of TATA ensures that the levels of impurities are reduced in order to increase the strength of the bar.

5. Kamdhenu

The company manufactures TMT bars using the most advanced technology to ensure the longevity of the construction. Their manufacturing process is carefully optimised so that the bars have optimum strength, toughness, and ductility. TMT bars manufactured by Kamdhenu are Thermo-mechanically treated for excellent weldability, thermal and earthquake resistance.

6. Adhunik Group

Adhunik Group manufactures TMT bars using the advanced Tempcore technology. They use iron ore from captive mines and process it in a way to produce high-quality steel for manufacturing their TMT bars. These bars contain low phosphorus and sulphur levels and ensure superior quality. The TMT bars manufactured by Adhunik have IS: 1786:2008 certification.

These brands are amongst the leading TMT bars manufacturers in the country.

5 Interesting Facts on Steel Industry


The strength and growth of the steel industry is an indication of the economic development of the country. From housing, transportation to construction, the steel industry has a stronghold in all form of industries in the country. In 2016, India was world’s third largest producer of steel and by 2020 it’s expected to take on the second spot. Here are a few more interesting facts on the Steel Industry:

1. Do you know that between January to March 2017, the crude steel output of India increased about 10.7% year-on-year and stood around 25.76 million tonnes? In 2016-17, the finished steel exports of India also increased about 102.1% and stood around 8.24 metric tonnes.

2. In India, the steel industry has grown by more than 400% and reached the capacity of 122 Million Tonnes. Also, the production level of steel in 2015-16 increased to 89 million tonnes. Even during the global economic slowdown in 2008-09, the India steel industry remained buoyant.


3. The government has also increased the import duty from 10% to 12.5% on flat steel. In case of long steel, the import duty has been increased from7.5% to 10% and for semi-finished steel, it has been increased from 7.5% to 10%.


4. The Indian steel industry also has huge advantages in terms of availability of iron ore of higher grades. India also has a vast resource of high-quality non-coking coal. These two components are crucial for steel production.


5. In India, the largest consumer of steel is the construction sector. It is estimated that by 2020, the construction sector will account for more than 35% of the total market share. Steel (especially TMT bars) is extensively used for constructing towers, buildings, shopping malls, petrol refineries, and residential houses.


Best TMT Bar Company in India

TMT bars are one of the key materials widely used in the construction sector. TMT bars ensure high strength on structural foundations and that’s why it’s imperative to get TMT bars only from the top and reliable TMT bar manufacturers. If you are a builder or planning to start constructing your home, you can consider buying TMT bars by SRMB Steel. For more details on SRMB TMT bars, visit

What’s the TMT Saria Price Today?


TMT bars or also called as TMT Saria are one of the new-age, innovative construction materials available in the market today. Whether you are planning to build a home or a residential complex, this is a construction material that you should be careful about before buying it.

For that, you have to look beyond TMT Saria price and instead determine its quality.

If you are still wondering why TMT bars are an indispensable part of the construction, then we can give you numerous reasons for that. TMT bars have an excellent compressive strength and are mainly used for reinforcing the concrete. This is the biggest reason why TMT bars are preferred all over for all type of construction project.

Here are a few reasons why you should be using TMT bars instead of any other steel bars:

1. TMT bars are super strong

Undoubtedly, these are the best reinforcement material. TMT bars come in several grades. The strength of the bars depends on these grades and is much stronger than other steel bars. Moreover, TMT bars save cost and deliver additional 20% strength to the structure. This is the reason why TMT bars are considered cost-effective.

2. They can be bent without compromising structural strength

This is another unique property of the TMT bars. Since they have a soft inner core, these bars can be easily bent and given any shape to meet the design requirements of the building.

3. They are corrosion resistant

TMT bars can withstand long hours in the moisture, thanks to their unique manufacturing process and special chemical treatment. This is another important quality that improves the life of your construction.

4. TMT bars can withstand fatigue

The surface of the TMT bars is pretty strong and therefore, they can withstand dynamic loading. Moreover, the strong outer layer and soft inner core make them resistant to damage during an earthquake.

The soft inner core makes the TMT bar bend while the hard outer core brings it back to its previous shape, thus, it just sways without causing any damage to the building.

6. TMT bars have thermal resistance

Their ability to withstand high temperature makes TMT bars safe in case of any fire hazard.

TMT Saria Price

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How to Check TMT Saria Price in India?


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The construction industry in India is consistently flourishing, thanks to innovations in the industry. Innovative construction materials such as TMT bars, aka TMT Saria, play a key role in bringing forth efficiency and sustainability in the industry.

How do TMT bars benefit you?

Unlike conventional steel bars, TMT bars make your home extra strong. Apart from being high in strength, TMT bars last very long and therefore lower maintenance cost.

In addition, the superior elongation strength of TMT bars makes your home safe from earthquakes. TMT bars for your home are not just construction materials but also a wise investment.

How do TMT bars promote efficiency and sustainability?

TMT bars have excellent weldability; there’s no reduction in strength at the welded joints. Most importantly, TMT bars provide 20% more concrete strength with the same amount of steel used in conventional steel bars.

Not just any steel bar

Unlike conventional steel bars, TMT bars have a unique manufacturing process. After the bars leave the rolling mills, they are subjected to intense cooling. This is done so that the outer surface of the bars quickly cools to harden while the inner core remains hot and soft.

As a result, the TMT bars are versatile; they have superior strength and durability while possessing excellent flexibility. The myriad of features of TMT bars makes them suitable for any type of construction.

Let’s have a look at some of the biggest features of TMT bars:

  • Corrosion resistance– TMT bars are resistant to corrosion and therefore the concrete doesn’t lose strength with time.


  • Excellent bending property– TMT bars provide excellent bending and re-bending property as they have greater elasticity.


  • Fatigue resistance – TMT bars are able to effectively cope with dynamic loading as they are resistant to fatigue.


  • Elongation – TMT bars have a matched ratio of strength and elongation and therefore protect concrete structures from natural calamities.


High–quality TMT bars from SRMB Steel

SRMB Steel is a leading manufacturer of superior quality TMT bars. SRMB TMT bars posses all the features mentioned above. The company has a strict quality check and therefore every TMT bar from SRMB conforms to IS: 1786:208 BIS standards.

TMT bars from SRMB are available in different grades, including Fe-415/500/550/600, Fe-415D/500D, Fe-600. The grades are used to distinguish the strength levels of the TMT bars.

TMT Saria price in India – get the best value at SRMB

Get the best value for price with TMT bars from SRMB. The brand’s TMT bars provide extra strength to the concrete as compared to conventional steel bars. Also, the excellent weldability of SRMB TMT bars creates efficiency in the construction process.

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6 Best TMT Bar Companies in India


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The construction industry in India plays a key role in the overall development of the country. Fortunately, innovations in the industry spark further growth which reciprocates in the growth of the country’s economy.

Innovative construction materials such as TMT bars foster efficiency and sustainability in the industry. Below are the top TMT bar companies in India:

  • SRMB Steel

A popular brand synonymous with superior quality TMT bars, SRMB Steel is the top choice for builders and engineers in the country. The company has manufacturing plants in different locations including Durgapur (West Bengal) and Odisha.

TMT bars from SRMB Steel go through a rigorous quality process and adhere to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OSHAS 18001 standards. SRMB Steel offers TMT bars in the following grades:

  • Fe-415/500/550
  • Fe-415D
  • Fe-500D/550D
  • Fe 600

SRMB TMT bars possess a number of features, the biggest one being earthquake resistivity. Learn more about SRMB Steel at

  • Rathi Bars Ltd

Popular for their SHAKTIMAN bars, Rathi Bars Ltd is another popular TMT bar company fostering growth and efficiency in the construction industry. The company adheres to the standard manufacturing process of TMT bars. The bars, after leaving the hot rolling mills are rapidly cooled by specially designed cooling jets.

As a result, the outer surface of the TMT bars is cooled and hardened while the inner core remains hot and soft. Due to this, the TMT bars are high in strength while possessing superior flexibility.

  • Electrotherm Steel

Driving innovation in the construction industry in India, Electrotherm Steel offers a wide range of innovative TMT bars including Electro 500D LPS, Electro TMT Plus, Electro CRS Gold, and ET C&B.

With a world-class steel manufacturing plant, the TMT bars from Electrotherm Steel benefits from pure steel which adds more strength and durability.

  • Kamdhenu Group

Kamdhenu TMT bars under Kamdhenu Group is a cost-effective brand. The TMT bars from the brand are cooled with specifically measured water pressure.  As a result, the TMT bars achieve optimum strength, toughness, and ductility.

Some of the features of Kamdhenu TMT bars include high thermal resistance, high ductility, better malleability, excellent weldability, and enhanced strength.

  • Rajuri Steel

A pioneer in the steel and construction industry, Rajuri Steel manufactures only highly durable TMT bars. With stringent quality standards, TMT bars from Rajuri Steel can withstand adverse corrosion conditions.

With integrated technology in the manufacturing process, TMT bars from the company are of optimum quality.

  • Spark Electrodes

Spark Electrodes, with its automatic rolling mill, manufactures TMT bars of superior quality and consistent strength. The company has strict quality supervision and therefore each TMT bar conforms to standards and specifications.

The ribbed pattern of Spark Electrodes TMT bars allows for excellent bonding with concrete which ensures high overall concrete strength.