Popular Home Construction Materials


People all over the globe rely on a variety of materials for building homes. Although the construction material may vary due to the varying geographical conditions, these are the most basic and popular home construction materials without which your home is incomplete:

1. TMT bars

TMT bars are essential for constructing the skeletal structure of your home. These are essential for providing support to the building. From multi-storeyed buildings to small houses, every building needs a framework for supporting the load of the walls and the roofs. TMT bars are Thermo Mechanically Treated bars and are extremely durable, ductile, and have great tensile strength. These bars are especially beneficial in protecting your home from earthquake. SRMB TMT bars have special X-ribbed design that bonds strongly with concrete and is the most preferred and popular home construction materials. You may further check their products at https://www.srmbsteel.com/tmt-bars.

2. Bricks

These are usually made using clay and are known to mankind since ancient ages. The Sumerians are known to make the earliest recorded brick. And now, these are used widely for any type of construction. These are affordable and have a wide range of application. The common types of bricks that are used for construction includes sand-lime bricks, common burnt clay bricks, concrete bricks, engineering bricks, and fly ash clay bricks.

3. Concrete

This is an aggregate and is composed of a number of materials such as sand and stone. This aggregate is mixed with cement and water which is then left for hardening. Concrete has been in use for hundreds of years; however, it was not until 1860 when it was found that concrete can be reinforced to increase its tensile strength. This was when concrete started gaining popularity as a construction material. Concrete is widely used for making beams, frames, walls, slabs, and other structure.

4. Wood

Wood is a major construction material in many parts of India. When it comes to building homes, wood can be used as a primary material or as a decorative element. Wood is often used for building cabins. Although wood is vulnerable to moisture and termite attack; however, with proper chemical treatment, wood can last for longer time.

5. Stone

Stone is extremely durable construction material that can withstand fire and resist deforming. It is extremely durable. Unlike brick, stones can be stacked without mortar and can support heavy loads.


Planning to Build a Home? Know The Facts of Construction Materials


Construction materials are important factors in deciding the quality of the structure. If the construction materials are not carefully chosen, the safety and security of the concrete structure are endangered. So, when planning a construction, the materials must be carefully chosen to avoid any kind of mishap. From TMT steel bars to bricks, there are many construction materials that are widely used for building homes and multi-storey buildings.

Construction Materials-TMT Bars

Here are a few facts about the commonly used building materials:

TMT Bars

From homes to bridges, TMT bar is commonly used in almost all type of construction. The manufacturing method of TMT bar follows processes such as compressing, rolling them in the mill, heat treatment followed by an intense quenching process with Tempcore system. The quenching process hardens the surface of the TMT bars, leaving the core of the bars soft. This process makes the TMT bars extremely durable and delivers superior strength. Also, it makes the bars ductile and gives it high bendability. Moreover, the ribbed surface of the bars helps form strong bond with the concrete, thus providing extreme strength to the concrete structure. For these reasons, TMT bars are highly preferred in zones prone to seismic activities.


This is a commonly used building material. Concrete is manufactured by mixing binder (such as cement) and aggregate composites. There are many types of concrete such as Rapid-setting concrete, fluid-fill concrete, Portland cement concrete, Roller-compacted concrete, to name a few. Among all, Portland cement concrete is commonly used in construction work. This cement is made of cement, sand, water, and gravel. After mixing all these components together, the mixture is hardened. The solid mass thus obtained is knows as concrete. Concrete has very low tensile strength. However, it’s highly durable and ensures longevity of the building.


Bricks, be it of clay or mud, or of ceramic material, is one of the most basic and essential construction materials. No construction is complete without bricks. These are used to make walls, roofs, partitions and other components of a house or building. Bricks are made by burning clay, mud or ceramic material in a brick kiln and then drying them to make them hard. The most common kind of bricks used for construction purpose is fired bricks. It’s because these bricks have cavities and thus, dries at a faster pace. Bricks are reinforced using a mixture of sand and cement and are placed upon one another for making walls and other parts of a building.


Cement is basically used to bind and reinforce all the construction materials such as TMT bars and bricks together. Cement is of two types:

  • Hydraulic Cement: this type of cement has adhesive properties and sets well with water.
  • Non-Hydraulic cement: It is a cheaper alternative to hydraulic cement and doesn’t harden with water.

Hydraulic cement is widely used for construction purpose.

We hope that these points will help shed some light on the various construction materials and their unique properties.