History of Steel Industry in India: 10 points


The Iron and Steel industry are the two most important and basic industries in India. These are also one of the main contributors to the economic development of the country. From construction to manufacturing, almost all industries have to depend on them. But have you ever wondered, how old is the steel industry in India?

Here’s a brief overview:

1. History of steel in India dates back to 400 BC. At that time, Indian archers were a part of the Greek army. They used arrows tipped with steel. There is much more evidence that Indians had the knowledge of steel-making even before the advent of Christ. Archeologists discovered many pieces of evidence in Mesopotamia and Egypt that prove the fact that mankind knew the usage of iron and steel for more than 6,000 years.

2. It was in 1874 when the first attempt to revive the steel industry in India was made. In that year the Bengal Iron Works (BIW) started its journey at Kulti in Asansol, West Bengal. However, in 1830 a foreigner called Joshua Marshall Heath set up a small steel manufacturing plant at Porto Novo, Madras.

3. The BIW was acquired by Bengal Iron and Steel Company in 1889. Soon, it became a success story. In 1900, the plant produced 40,000 tonnes of pig iron. It continued to produce steel; Indian Iron and Steel Company (IISCO) acquired it in 1936.

4. August 1907 was a golden day for India’s iron and steel industry. It was on that day when the Tata Iron and Steel Company (TISCO) were formed. It was formed as a Swadeshi venture and was supposed to produce 120,000 tonnes of pig iron.

5. The then Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru believed that for development, India needs to maximize its steel production. It was then he formed a Government owned company called Hindustan Steel Limited (HSL). Three steel plants were set up in the 1950s.

6. The government changed their industrial policy once in 1956 and then in 1991. From 1992, Iron and steel industry was included in the list of “High Priority” industry. The policies bore fruit very soon. In 1997-98, India’s steel production went up to 23.37 million tonnes from a mere 1.1 million tonnes in1951.

Source: http://pib.nic.in/feature/feyr2000/fmar2000/f060320002.html

Steel Bar Price

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How to Select TMT Bars Manufacturers?


When constructing a home or a concrete structure, it is important that your select the right building materials especially TMT bars. It’s because the quality and strength of the TMT bars have a direct implication on the strength of the concrete structure. There are many TMT bar manufacturers in the market, but you need to ensure that you choose the best brand.


Here are a few tips to help you choose the right TMT bar manufacturer:

Check the Grades

The grades of TMT bars are essential in determining their strength. In India, TMT bars are available in a variety of grades such as Fe-415/500/500 and 600. The higher the grade, the stronger the bar. When selecting a TMT bar manufacturer, check whether they offer bars of superior grade or not. SRMB, one of the leading TMT bar manufacturers in India, manufactures TMT bars of superior grade that provide ultimate reinforcement to the concrete structure.

Certification of the Company

Always buy from ISO certified brands. TMT bar manufacturers who are ISO certified always maintain strict quality control, complete safety and security of the product. Also, when buying TMT bars, always buy from the authorised dealer of the manufacturer. In this regard, SRMB uses advanced Tempcore technology for manufacturing their TMT bars and their manufacturing plants are BIS and MIS certified (ISO: 9001, ISO:14001, and OSHAS: 18001). Moreover, SRMB is the first brand to implement TMT process control technology from CRM, Belgium. Also, it’s one of the first TMT bar manufacturers in India that installed “no twist V-block mill”, a high precision rolling mill for manufacturing TMT bars.

Conduct a Naked Eye Test

This is one of the many ways of selecting a TMT bar. When evaluating bars from different manufacturers conduct naked eye test. Every metre of the TMT bar should bear the logo of the company. The TMT bars should be free from rust coating and must look fresh. The ends of each bundle must be of equal length. SRMB TMT Bars are corrosion resistant and come with a water-resistant coating.

Due to their superior quality, SRMB TMT bars are preferred by the big names in the company. Some of the big names that prefer SRMB TMT Bars include Aecom, Scott Wilson, Bharat Petroleum, and Chennai Metro Rail Limited, to name a few.

Selecting the best TMT bar manufacturer will ensure that the concrete structure lasts for long.

Planning to Build a Home? Know The Facts of Construction Materials


Construction materials are important factors in deciding the quality of the structure. If the construction materials are not carefully chosen, the safety and security of the concrete structure are endangered. So, when planning a construction, the materials must be carefully chosen to avoid any kind of mishap. From TMT steel bars to bricks, there are many construction materials that are widely used for building homes and multi-storey buildings.

Construction Materials-TMT Bars

Here are a few facts about the commonly used building materials:

TMT Bars

From homes to bridges, TMT bar is commonly used in almost all type of construction. The manufacturing method of TMT bar follows processes such as compressing, rolling them in the mill, heat treatment followed by an intense quenching process with Tempcore system. The quenching process hardens the surface of the TMT bars, leaving the core of the bars soft. This process makes the TMT bars extremely durable and delivers superior strength. Also, it makes the bars ductile and gives it high bendability. Moreover, the ribbed surface of the bars helps form strong bond with the concrete, thus providing extreme strength to the concrete structure. For these reasons, TMT bars are highly preferred in zones prone to seismic activities.


This is a commonly used building material. Concrete is manufactured by mixing binder (such as cement) and aggregate composites. There are many types of concrete such as Rapid-setting concrete, fluid-fill concrete, Portland cement concrete, Roller-compacted concrete, to name a few. Among all, Portland cement concrete is commonly used in construction work. This cement is made of cement, sand, water, and gravel. After mixing all these components together, the mixture is hardened. The solid mass thus obtained is knows as concrete. Concrete has very low tensile strength. However, it’s highly durable and ensures longevity of the building.


Bricks, be it of clay or mud, or of ceramic material, is one of the most basic and essential construction materials. No construction is complete without bricks. These are used to make walls, roofs, partitions and other components of a house or building. Bricks are made by burning clay, mud or ceramic material in a brick kiln and then drying them to make them hard. The most common kind of bricks used for construction purpose is fired bricks. It’s because these bricks have cavities and thus, dries at a faster pace. Bricks are reinforced using a mixture of sand and cement and are placed upon one another for making walls and other parts of a building.


Cement is basically used to bind and reinforce all the construction materials such as TMT bars and bricks together. Cement is of two types:

  • Hydraulic Cement: this type of cement has adhesive properties and sets well with water.
  • Non-Hydraulic cement: It is a cheaper alternative to hydraulic cement and doesn’t harden with water.

Hydraulic cement is widely used for construction purpose.

We hope that these points will help shed some light on the various construction materials and their unique properties.

5 Facts on TMT Bars

TMT bars

Thermo-Mechanically treated bars, popularly known as TMT bars are the most common construction materials used in many construction projects worldwide. These are highly preferred due to their superior strength and strong bonding with the concrete.

Let’s take a look at a few interesting facts about TMT bars:

High Strength bar

TMT bars are Thermo-Mechanically treated through a unique Tempcore technology that delivers a high strength to these bars. This process involves quick quenching of the extremely hot steel bars just after they roll out from the rolling mill. The bars are made to pass through a sequence of water jets which turns their outer layer extremely hard leaving their inner core soft. This makes the TMT bars highly ductile and makes them extremely strong. If you want to buy TMT bars, check the bars from SRMB, one of the topmost TMT bar manufacturers in India.

Corrosion Resistant properties

During the manufacturing process of the TMT bars, these bars are never twisted like the steel bars of yesteryear. This makes the TMT bars devoid of any residual stress. Moreover, during the quenching process of the TMT bars, the controlled water-cooling prohibits the formation of coarse carbides which is the main reason behind the corrosive process of the steel bars. This makes the TMT bars resistant to corrosion. During construction of houses or any other structure, the TMT bars are exposed to water for longer periods but rust never forms on the surface of the TMT bars. Corrosion is a common issue in case of ordinary steel bars. And that is why using ordinary steel bars can endanger the safety and security of the structure.

High Ductility

TMT bars have high ductility. You will get TMT bars in a number of grades such as Fe- 415/500/550. These TMT bars are stronger than ordinary steel bars. And that is why all the major construction projects use TMT bars for their construction. If you want to check the specification of TMT bars manufactured by SRMB, the leading TMT bar manufacturers in India, visit https://www.srmbsteel.com/tmt-bars

They have flexible bending ability

TMT bars have extremely high bending ability. And that is the reason TMT bars allows ease of use. One can easily mould the TMT bars in various shapes. Also, these can be stretched to meet the unique demands of construction measurements.

TMT bars are earthquake-resistant

Do you know that TMT bars are resistant to an earthquake? These bars have soft inside and tough outer layer. Also, these have superior elongation which makes it extremely flexible. This, in turn, gives high flexibility to the concrete structure. The fatigue resistance property of the TMT bars enables them to bear seismic loading. And that is why TMT bars are highly preferred and recommended for construction in areas that are prone to earthquake.

Also, TMT bars have thermal resistant properties which make them a safe choice for fire hazards. We hope that these points will help you understand the unique features of TMT bars.

Outdoor Decor Trends to Watch in 2017


Outdoor spaces are not only for gardening but they have become an extended part of your interiors. You can easily turn your outdoor space into a living space. This offers both comfort and a chance to get close to nature. Here are a few outdoor decor trends to give your outdoor space a complete makeover:

1. Outdoor Canopy

If you have a garden in your backyard, construct a beautiful canopy. Make it an extension of your interior space by keeping reclining chairs or lounge chairs. Use this space as a gathering spot for your family friends. This is also a perfect venue for housewarming parties and get-togethers.  When constructing one, use TMT bars. This will ensure complete safety of the outdoor structure. Before buying TMT bars, ensure that you are buying branded products. Check TMT bars from SRMB, one of the leading TMT bar manufacturers in India. Get more specifications of their product at https://www.srmbsteel.com/tmt-bars

2. Natural Material

2017 will witness a renewed interest towards natural materials. There is a growing trend of getting a more DIY look in the outdoor spaces. Small wooden outdoor furniture, hammocks or swing seating is gaining popularity. These give a more organic and minimalist look to the space.

3. Outdoor Dining and Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens and outdoor dining spaces are going to become a rage in the coming year. A barbeque on wheels, a fire pit or a fireplace in the outdoor space makes it as much warm and comfortable as the interiors of your home. A separate dining space, complete with metal or wooden table and chairs is just perfect for a great family gathering over food and drinks.

4. Outdoor Lighting

With lighting options getting better and cheaper, outdoor lighting is also gaining popularity. It’s a fun way to decorate the outdoor space. Look for beautiful rechargeable or battery powered lights. If you want to be creative, then look for lights that change colour. Hang fairy lights in various shapes such as stars, snowflakes etc. to make your outdoor space sparkle.

5. Scandinavian-style Outdoors

This is a trend which is set to become a rage in 2017. The overall colour theme of a Scandinavian-style outdoor is white. Apply white paint or white washes on fences, and decks. Use decorations made of zinc or galvanised metal. Keep a whitewashed lounge chair. Add a finishing touch with faux fur rugs.

Hopefully, these tips will help you turn your outdoor space into a peaceful haven.

6 Tips for Earthquake Safety


Natural disasters such as earthquakes are inevitable, but the damage is not. Natural calamities strike without any warning and that’s why preparedness is the only way to minimise damage. Here are a few simple tips to ensure earthquake safety:

1. Secure Your home

Design and build your home in a way so that it can withstand an earthquake. Use TMT bars during home or building construction. TMT bars have superior strength and have higher elongation. And that’s why it protects any concrete structure from extensive damage during an earthquake. However, along with earthquake resistant building materials, you will also need to follow proper building design guidelines to ensure complete safety.

2. Secure the contents of the building

From toppling bookcases to gas and electrical appliances, securing the household items is an important step to minimise damage. Use earthquake appliance straps to secure the appliances such as a refrigerator to walls. Hang mirrors and framed pictures on closed hooks; secure the top of heavy furniture such as bookcases to the wall. Anchor them to the stud so that they do not fall during an earthquake.

3. Have a Disaster Kit Ready

This is an important thing that everyone must have in their home, especially people staying in earthquake-prone areas. The kit must contain medications, emergency cash, copies of important documents such as ID cards, License etc., snacks, water, notebook, flashlight and batteries etc. Keep all these things in a backpack or any other small bag so that you can carry them easily during the evacuation.

4. Practice Earthquake Drills

Regularly practice earthquake drills with your family. Every member of the family must know the things to do if an earthquake occurred. This helps the kids to understand what to do in case you are not with them during such a natural calamity.

5. Find an Open Spot

During an earthquake, come out of the building and find a clear spot away from big trees, buildings, power lines, and streetlights.  Drop to the ground and stay in that position until the shaking stops.

6. Find a Cover

If you are stuck inside the building during an earthquake, drop to the ground and cover yourself under something strong such as table or desks. Hold on to that object and protect your head and neck.
We hope that these tips will help you learn the tricks to stay safe during an earthquake.

5 Unique Points About TMT Bars


TMT bars are among the widely use construction materials throughout the country. With superior strength and unique design, TMT bars increase the longevity of any concrete structure. Let’s take a look at the unique qualities of TMT bars:

1. Unique Manufacturing process

Compared to conventional steel bars, TMT bars deliver a superior strength to the concrete structures. This is primarily due to the reason that traditional bars are manufactured using a cold twisting process while the TMT bars are manufactured using the Tempcore technology. In this process, the bars are passed through the water cooling system where they receive powerful cooling. As their outer layer hardens, the inner core remains soft. This delivers 20% extra strength to the TMT bars. This is the reason why they deliver great support to the structures.

2. Superior bonding with concrete

TMT bars bond well with the concrete. Due to their unique ribbed design that runs across the entire length of the bar, they form a much stronger bond with the concrete. This unique design help increases the longevity and durability of the structure.

3. Unique Bending Properties

TMT bars have unique bending abilities. You can easily bend and mould the TMT bars into any shape for construction purpose. This unique bending and re-bending ability of the TMT makes them the most flexible material for construction purpose.

4. They are resistant to Fatigue

Along with superior strength, TMT bars have unique fatigue resistant properties. These bars can easily withstand pressure. This is due to their soft ferrite-pearlite core. This softer inner core enables the TMT bars to bear any kind of fatigue and pressure. This includes seismic loading as well. Due to their extreme fatigue-resistant property, TMT bars are the best construction material for earthquake-prone zones. Using TMT bars in construction ensures the safety of the structure.

5. Superior Weldability

TMT bars also have superior weldability. This unique property of the TMT bars helps the architectures create innovative structures without compromising the quality of the concrete structure and strength of the bar.

These unique properties make TMT bars the best choice for any construction project. We hope that these points haves helped you gain a fair idea about the unique properties of TMT bars.
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