TMT bars: Features a Home Builder Should Know


As a homebuilder, you’d want to grow your credibility to garner more customers. But how? Well, using high-quality construction materials is the key to build a strong home. And as a result, you’ll have satisfied customers and a reputable portfolio.

TMT bar is one such material that provides extra strength to homes. When you use TMT bars for your projects, you assure reliability to your customers.

There is a myriad of features of TMT bars, and as a homebuilder, it’s beneficial to get to learn about them.

1) High Strength

High, and unmatched strength is the single most popular feature of TMT bars. TMT bars undergo a special manufacturing process; the bars, after leaving the rolling mills, are rapidly cooled by using specially-designed cooling jets.

The outer surface of the bars quickly cools to harden. Meanwhile, the inner core remains hot and soft. As a result, TMT bars are high in strength while having excellent bending property.

2) Excellent bending property

TMT bars have greater elasticity and therefore possess excellent bending and re-bending property. Due to the excellent bending property, TMT bars are suitable for use in any type of construction.

3) Good weldability

TMT bars are low in carbon equivalent content and therefore do not lose strength at welded joints. As a result, the overall concrete structure becomes stronger.

4) Excellent elongation

TMT bars have a matched ratio of strength and elongation. Due to this feature, TMT bars protect homes and other constructions from natural calamities such as earthquakes.

5) Corrosion resistance

TMT bars are resistant to corrosion. Due to this, the concrete structure benefits from a longer life. This feature also makes TMT bars cost-effective.

6) Fatigue resistance

TMT bars have a high fatigue resistance to dynamic loading. This feature contributes to overall concrete structure strength.

High-quality TMT bars from SRMB Steel

SMRB Steel is a leading TMT bar manufacturer. The brand is synonymous with reliable TMT bars in India.

TMT bars from SRMB Steel are available in different strength which is distinguished by different grades. The grades include:

  • Fe-415/500/550/600
  • Fe-415D/500D/550D
  • Fe-600

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How to Select TMT Bars Manufacturers?


When constructing a home or a concrete structure, it is important that your select the right building materials especially TMT bars. It’s because the quality and strength of the TMT bars have a direct implication on the strength of the concrete structure. There are many TMT bar manufacturers in the market, but you need to ensure that you choose the best brand.


Here are a few tips to help you choose the right TMT bar manufacturer:

Check the Grades

The grades of TMT bars are essential in determining their strength. In India, TMT bars are available in a variety of grades such as Fe-415/500/500 and 600. The higher the grade, the stronger the bar. When selecting a TMT bar manufacturer, check whether they offer bars of superior grade or not. SRMB, one of the leading TMT bar manufacturers in India, manufactures TMT bars of superior grade that provide ultimate reinforcement to the concrete structure.

Certification of the Company

Always buy from ISO certified brands. TMT bar manufacturers who are ISO certified always maintain strict quality control, complete safety and security of the product. Also, when buying TMT bars, always buy from the authorised dealer of the manufacturer. In this regard, SRMB uses advanced Tempcore technology for manufacturing their TMT bars and their manufacturing plants are BIS and MIS certified (ISO: 9001, ISO:14001, and OSHAS: 18001). Moreover, SRMB is the first brand to implement TMT process control technology from CRM, Belgium. Also, it’s one of the first TMT bar manufacturers in India that installed “no twist V-block mill”, a high precision rolling mill for manufacturing TMT bars.

Conduct a Naked Eye Test

This is one of the many ways of selecting a TMT bar. When evaluating bars from different manufacturers conduct naked eye test. Every metre of the TMT bar should bear the logo of the company. The TMT bars should be free from rust coating and must look fresh. The ends of each bundle must be of equal length. SRMB TMT Bars are corrosion resistant and come with a water-resistant coating.

Due to their superior quality, SRMB TMT bars are preferred by the big names in the company. Some of the big names that prefer SRMB TMT Bars include Aecom, Scott Wilson, Bharat Petroleum, and Chennai Metro Rail Limited, to name a few.

Selecting the best TMT bar manufacturer will ensure that the concrete structure lasts for long.