5 Unique Points About TMT Bars


TMT bars are among the widely use construction materials throughout the country. With superior strength and unique design, TMT bars increase the longevity of any concrete structure. Let’s take a look at the unique qualities of TMT bars:

1. Unique Manufacturing process

Compared to conventional steel bars, TMT bars deliver a superior strength to the concrete structures. This is primarily due to the reason that traditional bars are manufactured using a cold twisting process while the TMT bars are manufactured using the Tempcore technology. In this process, the bars are passed through the water cooling system where they receive powerful cooling. As their outer layer hardens, the inner core remains soft. This delivers 20% extra strength to the TMT bars. This is the reason why they deliver great support to the structures.

2. Superior bonding with concrete

TMT bars bond well with the concrete. Due to their unique ribbed design that runs across the entire length of the bar, they form a much stronger bond with the concrete. This unique design help increases the longevity and durability of the structure.

3. Unique Bending Properties

TMT bars have unique bending abilities. You can easily bend and mould the TMT bars into any shape for construction purpose. This unique bending and re-bending ability of the TMT makes them the most flexible material for construction purpose.

4. They are resistant to Fatigue

Along with superior strength, TMT bars have unique fatigue resistant properties. These bars can easily withstand pressure. This is due to their soft ferrite-pearlite core. This softer inner core enables the TMT bars to bear any kind of fatigue and pressure. This includes seismic loading as well. Due to their extreme fatigue-resistant property, TMT bars are the best construction material for earthquake-prone zones. Using TMT bars in construction ensures the safety of the structure.

5. Superior Weldability

TMT bars also have superior weldability. This unique property of the TMT bars helps the architectures create innovative structures without compromising the quality of the concrete structure and strength of the bar.

These unique properties make TMT bars the best choice for any construction project. We hope that these points haves helped you gain a fair idea about the unique properties of TMT bars.
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